misc projects

Besides being a choreographer I’m also a DJ. DJ Coco Channel. I play disco, African, electro, tropical and hazy beats. I can play in your party, festival, wedding or funeral - as you want it.



Together with Alexander Roberts I host Danceoke’s in Reykjavík. Danceoke is like karaoke but instead of singing we dance. We dance all together to a video screened on a big screen in front of the dancefloor.

This has been a huge success in Reykjavík and it’s obvious people loooove to dance some simple and complex choreographies.

Lunch Beats

Together with Alexander Roberts and our collective Choreography Reykjavík we have been hosting Lunch Beat’s in Reykjavík. Lunch Beat is a Swedish concept. People come for their lunch hour and dance in a bar or a café for one hour to some great tunes.


I also like to make music videos. The one above is directed by me and Saga Garðarsdóttir, for the wonderful folk singer Snorri Helgason. Below is a video that I choreographed recently for the Icelandic pop star HILDUR. The performers in the video with Hildur are the dancers from my work, GRRRRRLS.