A real block party! Inspired by the project "Church of Dancy made in 2014". The residents of Asparfell 2-12 a big apartment block in Breidholt neighborhood in Reykjavík invited people for visit. The different apartments are home to different people of all ages and backgrounds, of different genders – families, individuals, friends, couples and animals. The householders opened up their apartments, invited guests to wander from apartment to apartment and take part in all sorts of festivities with a variety of hosts. Each host curated their own party always having music as a starting point. 

Music that is important to them, maybe because it is music they love singing along to, music that makes them cry, dance or feel warm and fuzzy inside. Music says a lot about a person, and has a very special power in the way it brings people together. So, in poetic terms, Asparfell was turned into a living jukebox for a day, made up of all kinds of music chosen by the residence.

Neighbours came together and people who might not often meet in daily life were celebrating their community and each other. Guests were dancing with Asparfell’s inhabitants, listening to their stories and getting to know their daily lives.

In that way we all became better neighbours for each other.


Cast & crew

Authors: Ásrún Magnúsdóttir and Alexander Roberts. 

Photographer: Leifur Vilberg Orrason. 

Produced by: The City of Reykjavík and Reykjavík Arts Festival.