Church of Dancy

Church of Dancy is very simple. People of one street or one block. Basically, people living close to each other open up their homes and invite audiences for a dance party. By doing this we are not afraid with strangers. This is about both trust and respect. Audiences need to respect different homes and people living in the houses need to trust their audiences that become their guests.

Audiences can walk into their houses and dance with different people, different families, couples, individuals and pets in each apartment. People of all ages, all genders with different backgrounds - people and animals that you wouldn’t dance with normally meet and share an experience. The householders of each apartment choose the music they wanna dance to, and choose the atmosphere. Audiences can stay as long as they want in each house and then wander around different homes.

Photos: Jeaneen Lund.

Photos: Jeaneen Lund.

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Cast & crew

Choreographer: Ásrún Magnúsdóttir     Dramaturgical advisor: Alexander Roberts


Won the 2015 Cultural Awards from DV - the Daily Newspaper, in Iceland.


Reykjavík Dance Festival, Reykjavík.
Homo Novus Festival in Riga, Latvia. Multiplié Festival in Trondheim, Norway.